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Energy Resources

This column has useful links that help groups, individuals and teams save Energy $ / kWh.

Note: To save energy there must be a baseline metric to show where you are today with your carbon foot-print.

To motivate lower energy use, Go to the “Register” link below with your Electric bill and enter your data in this FREE database so you and your family / employees can see the results of their efforts to reduce energy consumption.

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May 15, 2013

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Thermostat Wars
Thermostat Wars

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Residential Process

A simple 3 step process guides occupants in the Steps / metrics needed to save energy $/ kWh.

Energy Savings Step 1

Energy Savings Step 2

Energy Savings Step 3

Counties & DOE

External links (back arrow to return here) designed to educate / calculate energy usage

Wind - County Strategies

Your Energy Usage

US Dept Of Energy

Local Links

All of these entities deserve your support and patronage as they have clearly shown how a true commitment to energy savings is good for the environment, business, membership and ongoing client retention – Visit their websites today (below)

Airlie Center (LEED)

Barrel Oak Winery

Brookside Communities

Caretakers Of God's Creation

Chestnut Forks

EarthCraft House(VA)

Energized Fauquier

Fauquier Chamber of Commerce

Fauquier County Government

Fauquier County Schools (LEED)

Fauquier Livestock Exchange


Great Harvest Bread Co

Highland School (LEED)


Jesse Straight Pastured Poultry

Pearmund Cellars

Piedmont Internal Medicine

Poplar Springs

Red Truck Bakery


The Fauquier Bank

Thermostat Wars
Thermostat Wars

Times Democrat

Vint Hill

Vint Hill EDA

Vint Hill Winery

Windy Hill Foundation

About ER-LI

The Energized Research / Learning Institute (ER-LI) was founded by local Warrenton, VA resident Michael Rainger* after he had worked for almost 5 years, mostly as a volunteer (1653 free hours), with Fauquier County Public Schools, the School Support Council and Aspirations 2015 Strategic Planning.

Working as an Energy Conservation subject matter expert with Fauquier County and the Vint Hill Economic Development Authority (EDA) in northern Virginia rounded out his skills in the Public Service Sector.

Michael participated with local officials and identified projects, program and initiatives which led to the public schools saving almost $2 million in four year, county government saving $220,617 in three years, Vint Hill EDA saving $20,000 per year since 2010 and Chestnut Forks Tennis and Fitness Club saving $3,500 in 120 days during the winter of 2013!

Local organizations, businesses and individual residents also benefited from Michael's energy reduction expertise and guidance with buildings as old as pre-WWII.

To assist in the collection and review of energy usage data, three websites were created:, and These three sites are FREE for anyone to use to input their monthly energy use data (from utility bills), track their energy usage over time and communicate to others (e.g., fellow workers in an office building, school staff and students, family members, etc.) the results of their cooperative energy reduction / cost savings efforts. These sites also show what others have done to reduce their energy usage.

Energized Research / Learning Institute's mission is to help local communities reduce their energy consumption. This includes:

  • Government
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Non-Profits
  • Residents in apartments / primarty homes / vacation homes
  • Individuals, groups, students, etc.

Proven, documented results can be seen here.

Explore our site, browse through our growing repository of energy saving methods, ideas, case studies and follow some of the links to other key sites relating to energy conservation as a door opener to increased local sustainability. Continuous daily education is critical to everyone in these difficult economic times.

Please click here to join our mailing list.

ALL communications are considered private and confidential and email addresses are NEVER displayed or passed on to others. This feature has been in all of our e-initiatives since 2004.

* While Michael served as a facilitator / advocate, the energy savings were the result of a true team effort involving over 100 employees, Board of Supervisors, Superintendent, Executives, and the School Board over almost a 5 year period.

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