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Energy Resources

This column has useful links that help groups, individuals and teams save Energy $ / kWh.

<p >Note:To save energy there must be a baseline metric to show where you are today with your carbon foot-print.

To motivate lower energy use, Go to the “Register” link below with your Electric bill and enter your data in this FREE database so you and your family / employees can see the results of their efforts to reduce energy consumption.

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Thermostat Wars

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Residential Process

A simple 3 step process guides occupants in the Steps / metrics needed to save energy $/ kWh.

Energy Savings Step 1

Energy Savings Step 2

Energy Savings Step 3

Counties & DOE

External links (back arrow to return here) designed to educate / calculate energy usage

Wind - County Strategies

Your Energy Usage

US Dept Of Energy

Local Links

All of these entities deserve your support and patronage as they have clearly shown how a true commitment to energy savings is good for the environment, business, membership and ongoing client retention – Visit their websites today (below)

Airlie Center (LEED)

Barrel Oak Winery

Caretakers Of God's Creation

Chestnut Forks

EarthCraft House(VA)

Energized Fauquier

Fauquier Chamber of Commerce

Fauquier County Government

Fauquier County Schools (LEED)

Fauquier Livestock Exchange


Great Harvest Bread Co

Highland School (LEED)


Jesse Straight Pastured Poultry

Pearmund Cellars

Piedmont Internal Medicine

Poplar Springs

Red Truck Bakery


The Fauquier Bank

Thermostat Wars

Times Democrat

Vint Hill

Vint Hill EDA

Vint Hill Winery

Windy Hill Foundation

Brookside Communities is the
largest planned development in Fauquier County.

About 50% of the homes and sites are completed.

Major upgrades / new projects are expected
before close-out in about 2020.

Brookside Lake Scene

Brookside Photo Gallery

Existing Eco-Friendly Initiatives :

  • 200 acres of ponds and lakes for fish, birds and other wildlife
  • Regional wetlands preserved for future generations and preservation of water tables
  • 17 miles of bike paths, walkways, and nature trails
  • Cleaner water runoff from rooftops, homes and infrastructure to the Chesapeake watershed and Bay
  • Monitoring of water quality by independent external parties
  • Signage to educate residents, guests and local students

Brookside Rendition

Partnerships with local public schools including Auburn Middle, Greenville Elementary, C. Hunter Richie Elementary and Kettle Run High School

  • In its third year, the “Outdoor classroom” with cut logs as seats in a circle, uses nature trails as a teachers’ aid for walking and sitting
  • Improved test scores in English, Science, Mathematics and Photography and accommodations for ADD / ADHD students
  • Signed and clearly marked crosswalks for students and residents
  • Minimal vandalism as students are taught to respect the environment / signage explaining wetlands and other features
  • Community facilities for parents and children including meeting rooms

Brookside Pool

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure and Best Practices include:

  • Ground donated for Auburn Middle School and future public library
  • “Green” recycled asphalt for new roads
  • Less than 10% clearing of trees and felled trees turned into mulch to reduce waste and transportation to nature trails reduces carbon footprints
  • Professional guidance on wetlands and other infrastructure by Civil Engineers and external parties
  • Visibility in regional magazines / press
  • New road to Vint Hill and support of Discovery Garden for farm to table projects
  • Future workforce housing projects, sports fields and other community based benefits
  • Upgrading of dams
  • New walkways by roads

Brookside Lake Dock

Energy Conservation through off-grid geothermal / solar technologies for (future) Community Facilities

The Energized Research – Learning Institute ( launch on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at Poplar Springs – The Inn Spa was attended by Ed and Tammy Moore, Holder Trumbo, Chester Stribling, Sheryl Wolfe, Brian Gorg, Warren Darrell, Birge Watkins and a host of local business representatives. ER-LI is beginning to work with Brookside homeowners on reducing their monthly utility bills and CO2 footprints.

If similar houses in the same neighborhood are placed on the market, the Greener / More Sustainable Home will appraise higher and sell faster.

A recent Broad Run example showed the same house being appraised for $400,000 and $465,000 (16.25% more) by two different appraisers within 15 days, the latter taking the time to evaluate HVAC equipment, grounds returned from lawn to nature, lower utility bills, and increased comfort levels in the home.

Stay tuned for amazing results as Brookside residents get involved, attend inexpensive, onsite classes and apply simple technologies developed since 2008.



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