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This column has useful links that help groups, individuals and teams save Energy $ / kWh.

Note: To save energy there must be a baseline metric to show where you are today with your carbon foot-print.

To motivate lower energy use, Go to the “Register” link below with your Electric bill and enter your data in this FREE database so you and your family / employees can see the results of their efforts to reduce energy consumption.

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ER-LI Founders Event
May 15, 2013

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Energized Fauquier


Thermostat Wars
Thermostat Wars

ER-LI Founders Day Photos
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Residential Process

A simple 3 step process guides occupants in the Steps / metrics needed to save energy $/ kWh.

Energy Savings Step 1

Energy Savings Step 2

Energy Savings Step 3

Counties & DOE

External links (back arrow to return here) designed to educate / calculate energy usage

Wind - County Strategies

Your Energy Usage

US Dept Of Energy

Local Links

All of these entities deserve your support and patronage as they have clearly shown how a true commitment to energy savings is good for the environment, business, membership and ongoing client retention – Visit their websites today (below)

Airlie Center (LEED)

Barrel Oak Winery

Brookside Communities

Caretakers Of God's Creation

Chestnut Forks

EarthCraft House(VA)

Energized Fauquier

Fauquier Chamber of Commerce

Fauquier County Government

Fauquier County Schools (LEED)

Fauquier Livestock Exchange


Great Harvest Bread Co

Highland School (LEED)


Jesse Straight Pastured Poultry

Pearmund Cellars

Piedmont Internal Medicine

Poplar Springs

Red Truck Bakery


The Fauquier Bank

Thermostat Wars
Thermostat Wars

Times Democrat

Vint Hill

Vint Hill EDA

Vint Hill Winery

Windy Hill Foundation

Energy Conservation Achievement Awards
Presented to nine Fauquier entities

ER-LI Founders Day Photos

Click the photo or here to see photos from the Founders Day Meeting.
The photos were taken by Beth Miller-Herholtz. Thanks, Beth!

Michael Rainger and Bill Miller are forming the Energized Research - Learning Institute (ER-LI). On ER-LI "Founders" Day, they recognized nine companies and public entities committed to “smarter” energy choices. These entities deserve your ongoing support and volunteer efforts - community@ER-LI-com or 540-219-0445.

Check out the smiles at The Manor House at Poplar Springs (host) in Casanova, VA, perhaps many inspired by the donated wines from The Craft Winery at Vint Hill, Barrel Oak Winery and Pearmund Cellars. All paired perfectly with the tasty creations from Great Harvest Bread Co. and Poplar Springs - the Inn Spa, each of whom was a recipient of the ER-LI Founders Day award.

Thank you!

Fauquier County Chamber of Commerce President Joe Martin welcomed guests to an evenings’ “Celebration of Success” in local Energy Conservation, Sustainability and smarter Technologies.

Warren Darrell of Fauquier County Public Schools kicked off the awards ceremony after receiving a certificate recognizing the energy conservation efforts in our local schools (20 complexes / 11,000+ students), by explaining many of the activities that have led to significant energy savings (about $2M) over the past four years – a true community-based team effort from County based shared services, staff, parents, students and Michael since 2008.

Board of Supervisors Chair Holder Trumbo thanked Michael for his assistance in helping the County to save $220,617 in energy costs over a three year period in 32 county government buildings.

Manager Kasia Tomecka of Pearmund Cellars detailed the geothermal heating and cooling systems and better “farming” practices employed in making wine in Broad Run.

Board Chair Vint Hill Economic Development Authority Birge Watkins was grateful for the $20,000 per year in energy costs saved since the summer of 2010 in older historic buildings resulting from Michael’s year-long “internship” at Vint Hill EDA.

Winemaker Ashton Lough of Vint Hill Craft Winery gave background information on how geothermal was retrofitted in a WW II barn previously used for “intelligence gathering” and recycling it into a modern facility creating many new permanent jobs. ER-LI comment: His water saving process and metrics are innovation at its best!

Owner Chip Maloney thanked Michael for saving Chestnut Forks Tennis and Fitness Center over $3000 in just 90 days with energy conservation best practices. Chip joked that moving a thermostat from a room with a sauna to a hallway definitely helped to save energy!

Pablo and Lynda Teodoro of Great Harvest Bread Co. in accepting their award explained how efficient energy technologies have been utilized in their bakery, how local Fauquier produce is integrated into making their excellent products, and how other eco-friendly attributes are employed on a daily basis.

Andy Melton (The Nav.”) of Barrel Oak Winery gave background information on the geothermal systems employed as well as the large impact BOW has on the local economy / jobs. The facility is a beacon for others in how new construction can be smarter today for the benefit of all who call Fauquier home. ER-LI comment: With solar and / or wind generated power, BOW could go off-grid / net zero.

Owner Howard Foer of Poplar Springs - The Inn Spa waxed eloquently about the geothermal hotel built in 2002 to improve the quality of the “quiet unique experiences” enjoyed by guests including innovative water ‘availability initiatives’ for visitors exercising throughout the 200 acres by walking, jogging, playing tennis, canoeing, etc. with promotional / healthy side benefits.

Carl Pearson, ER-LI Network Director and Brookside resident living near Auburn Middle School, briefly explained the servers and technology behind the newly formed Energized Research - Learning Institute.

Founder Michael Rainger gave a presentation on the significant repository of Fauquier based case studies and energy conservation best practices that has been built via innovative technology over the past 5 years at - additions welcome. The current Top 20 are displayed at and we are looking for 30 more before August 2013. Send details to community@ER-LI-com .

He also challenged those present to make Fauquier the “smartest” county in the nation by the end of 2014 and suggested an off-grid / net zero Capital Improvement program for schools (retrofit) and County Government (new construction) with a 10 year or less Return On Investment (ROI) and huge future budget savings for taxpayers of over $3.5M+ / year! This approach was first presented in a public hearing in the spring of 2011.

Think of the emergency based benefits of having power in our schools, government buildings and fire stations when grid-based power is out due to bad weather and storms. Significant energy based / sustainable local jobs would be generated. Fauquier morphs into an amazing eco-friendly Mid-Atlantic ecotourist destination benefiting taxpayers.

New energy technology costs would be reduced for all local residents to enjoy based on scale and a booming “energized” local economy designated “Finding Fauquier” (suggestions welcome).

Plus taxpayer revenue-based side-benefits based on new energy-related clean jobs in established service districts, Vint Hill and the George Mason sponsored “Entrepreneurial Incubator Concept!”

Co-Founder and website developer, Bill Miller, retired IBM Manager, demonstrated and highlighted features of the latest website for the newly formed Energized Research / Learning Institute at“Greener” landing pages for Poplar Springs – The Inn Spa and John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District tree planting programs were shown as examples of the new promotional capabilities for local organizations and businesses with a proven (read audited) track record and / or results for Energy Conservation / Sustainability in Fauquier.

Despite their demanding schedules, energized networking sessions included FCPS Board Members Sheryl Wolf and Brian Gorg, Board of Supervisor Chester Stribling, Town of Warrenton Council Member Yak Lubowsky, Economic Development representative Beverly Pullen, Lou Emerson of Fauquier NOW, Ike Broaddus and his brilliant new Vint Hill based initiative (central recycled / retrofitted building will be geothermal), Ed and Tammy Moore of Brookside (continuing “greener” better practices for residents that increase property values), Kettle Run High School student Andrew Rainger representing “our” collective future, Derek Maloney, Joan and Brandy of Chestnut Forks, Thea and many others with amazingly positive suggestions and contributions.

The event was “happily closed” before 10pm. Stay tuned for future announcements.

Comments and information about “greener” entities /best practices should be sent to

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